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250+ German Female & Male Dog Names

Hallo! Do you have a new puppy in the family? Have you adopted or rescued a dog? Are you thinking of  a name to give to your furry friend? You’ve come to the right place to find German Male & Female Dog Names.

Dog lovers know how vital picking the right name is. After all, it will be your dog’s identity, a signature mark. There are endless ways in choosing the perfect dog name – using a popular celebrity or movie character’s name, matching to coat color, using the place where you got your dog, tailor fitting to a unique mark or dominant trait. Should you pick from classic dog names? Use a popular politician, artist, philosopher, or athlete’s name? Mix-match names? Come up with a theme if you have more than one dog? Get a comprehensive book of dog names?

For some reason, many dog lovers choose a name associated with a country and its people and culture. If you’re looking for a German dog name, then this is the right place for you.

Whether the German dog name you choose is something traditional, cool, unique, or totally weird, it must say something about your pooch, and also about yourself as a parent or owner. Naming a dog is a reflection of what you see in your baby as well as your bond with it. Some German names can put a smile on people when meeting the dog, while other names get negative reactions.

Pick a German name that conveys the proper image of your dog, be it a companion dog, a hunting dog, a search and rescue dog, or therapy dog. Viel Glück!

German Female & Male Dog Names Based Off Famous Places In Germany

Dog Names After Famous German Places

  •       Berlin. Berlin is Germany’s capital and largest city where you can see parts of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, and numerous museums.
  •       Munich. Munich is another popular attraction in Germany, known for its medieval town square and the yearly Oktoberfest.
  •       Hamburg. Hamburg is officially known as Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg. It is Germany’s second largest city and is well-known for exclusive shopping.
  •       Frankfurt. Frankfurt boasts a number of lovely gardens, museums, as well as historic and modern architecture. It is also home to delicious German cuisine.
  •       Cologne. Cologne is more than 2,000 years old and is popular for its stunning Gothic architecture and medieval town.
  •       Heidelberg. Located on the Neckar River in the southwestern part of Germany, Heidelberg is the site of the esteemed Heidelberg University
  •       Dresden. Dresden is a gorgeous eastern German city rich in history, culture, and art.
  •       Dusseldorf. The western German city of Dusseldorf is perfect for art and fashion lovers because it is known for its vibrant art and fashion scene.
  •       Nuremberg. Nuremberg features numerous striking gothic architecture and brightly-colored houses.
  •       Stuttgart. Stuttgart is Germany’s manufacturing hub, where Porsche and Mercedes-Benz headquarters and museums are located.
  •       Leipzig. Leipzig is a city of massive and grand monuments and is often recognized as one of Europe’s most livable cities.
  •       Weimar. The center of German classical literature, Weimar is the birthplace of the humanistic cultural movement known as Weimar Classicism.
  •       Marburg. This German town north of Frankfurt features a maze of narrow, cobblestone streets. Some visitors say that hearing church bells toll is an experience of a lifetime.
  •       Wurzburg. Wurzburg is beloved for its ornate rococo and baroque architecture. This Bavarian city offers the best Franconian wine.
  •       Regensburg. The medieval center of Regensburg is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  •       Bonn. The famous German composer Beethoven was born and raised in Bonn, also the former capital of Germany.
  •       Essen. The western German city of Essen has a rich history of steel production and coal mining.
  •       Bremen. Located in northwest Germany, the Hanseatic city of Bremen has an important role in maritime trade
  •       Rostock. Rostock is at the country’s northernmost point and is right by the gorgeous shoreline of the Baltic Sea
  •       Kiel. The maritime city of Kiel has a unique atmosphere that is so different from any other part of the country.

German Male & Female Dog Names Based On Food

Dog Names Based off German Food

  •       Bratwurst. Thick, spiced sausage made of veal or pork.
  •       Rotkohl. Pickled red cabbage
  •       Schnitzel. Breaded and fried boneless thin cuts of meat.
  •       Brezel. Soft, white pretzels sprinkled with salt
  •       Spaetzle. Soft egg noodle tossed in cheese.
  •       Brezel. Soft and salted pretzel, sometimes oversized.
  •       Obatzda. A cheese dish made from butter and aged soft cheese.
  •       Kuchen. A German term for cake
  •       Maultasche. A traditional dish like the Italian ravioli but are usually larger in size.
  •       Strübli. A funnel cake from southern Germany.
  •       Maultaschen. Rolled pasta bags filled with meat, soaked stale bread, onion, and spinach.
  •       Brenntar. Literally means “burned porridge”.
  •       Bätscher. Flat bread spread with sour cream topped with onion.
  •       Obstler.  A fruit schnapps.
  •       Grünkohl. Stewed kale and sausage dish.
  •       Speck. German bacon.
  •       Labskaus. A dish made with corned beef, potatoes, and onions.
  •       Dunkel. Refers to some types of dark German lager
  •       Bock. A strong lager
  •       Knipp. A type of sausage made with meat with grains
  •       Harzer. Sour milk cheese made from low fat curd cheese
  •       Weckewerk. A brawn sausage native to Northern Hesse, Germany
  •       Hooriche. Little potato balls served with a cream-bacon-sauce
  •       Schales. Large potato pancakes with bacon, nutmeg, and onion
  •       Blinsen. A kind of pancake
  •       Rouladen. A meat dish with bacon, mustard, pickles, and onions  wrapped in thinly sliced beef
  •       Eintopf. A traditional German stew which can consist of numerous ingredients
  •       Lebkuchen. German spice cookies
  •       Butterkäse. Butter cheese
  •       Stollen. Candied fruit bread

German Female Dog Names

Holly                 YlviSophie

German Male Dog Names


Fun Male & Female German Dog Names

Fun German Dog Names

  •       Hund. Hund is a fun German dog name because it means “dog” in German. If you want to keep it simple but cool, Hund is the name.
  •       Beethoven. Beethoven was a famous German composer and pianist. If you want to name your dog after a classical musician, Beethoven is your best bet.
  •       Schmuck. The German word for “jewelry.” This is perfect for an elegant dog.
  •       Fernweh. A longing for far-off places. Is your dog an adventurer? This might be a good name.
  •       Liebe. The German word for “love.” Name your dog Liebe as a declaration of an everlasting love.
  •       Hüftgold. Love handle. If your dog is sweet and cuddly, this is a perfect name.
  •       Porsche. A high-end car brand that comes from Germany. Porsche is a cool name for your new puppy.
  •       Glücklich. This means “happy.”  This is a great name for a jolly dog.
  •       Grimm. The German brothers Grimm authored more than 200 fairy tales, including “Cinderella”, “Hansel and Gretel”, and “Rapunzel.” A great name for a dog if you want to create a life of fairy tale with your pet.
  •       Hänsel and Gretel. Young brother-and-sister characters in a well-known fairy tale recorded by the Brothers Grimm. Hänsel and Gretel will make a cute name for a male and a female dog.
  •       Prinzessin. This is a title reserved for a female descendant of a monarch. Give your female dog a royal treatment by naming her Prinzessin.
  •       Prinz. This means “prince.” A royal name for a male dog.
  •       Mausi. A pet name, which means “little mouse.” You can use this term of endearment to call your beloved dog.
  •       Schatz. “Schatz” means “treasure.” Calling your dog Schatz means that you really treasure him or her.
  •       Einstein. Einstein was a German theoretical physicist known for his theory of relativity. If you want to name your dog after a genius scientist, you can never go wrong with Einstein.
  •       Schnuckiputzi. It is a term of endearment, which means “cutie pie” or “sweetie pie.” This is perfect for small breed dogs.
  •       Fraulein. “Fraulein” is “miss” in German. A beautiful name for a lovely female dog.
  •       Herr. “Herr” is German for “mister.” Perfect for your adorable male dog.
  •       Freiheit. “Freiheit” is “freedom” in German. A great name for a carefree dog.
  •       Schwarz. It refers to the color black. Schwarz might be a good name for a dog with black hair or dark complexion.
  •       Engel. This means “angel.” Is your dog an angel? This is a great name, especially if your dog is white and fluffy.
  •       Brecht. Bertolt Brecht was a German playwright and a theatrical reformer. If you are feeling artsy, Brecht is the best name for your dog.
  •       Nietzsche. Friedrich Nietzsche was a very influential German philosopher of the 19th century. This is a perfect name for a dog in an intellectual household.
  •       Stark. This means “strong,” “well-built,” “powerful,” and “intense”. An excellent name if your dog has these characteristics.
  •       Anmutig. This means showing or having beauty of movement or form. Is you dog graceful? It’s a great name.
  •       Waltz. This word is derived from the German “walzen,” which means to turn, to roll, or to glide. A good name for a dog who has great moves.
  •       Deutsche. “Deutsche” is the word for the German language. Deutsche is a very cute name for a new puppy.
  •       Prost. This is the German word for “cheers.” A great name for a happy dog.
  •       Klum. Heidi Klum is a famous German supermodel and television host. Is your dog a potential model? Klum it is!
  •       Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is an annual beer festival held in Munich, featuring beer-drinking and endless merrymaking. A great name for a chill and adventurous dog.

More German Dog Breeds

German Dog Breed

While dog breed originate from many countries, Germany is home to one of the widest varieties of dogs in the world. Could you name at least 10 German dog breeds now? Can you tell the breed just by looking at it?

From the tiny Dachshund to the enormous Great Dane, from the fluffy American Eskimo Dog to the sleek Weimaraner, from the gentle Bernese Mountain Dog to the active and athletic Jagdterrier, German dogs are really a delightful and diverse breeds!

Coming in all numerous temperaments, functions, sizes, shapes, and colors, there is surely a German breed for every dog-loving person. If you want to get or adopt a German dog breed but are still undecided which one, continue reading! We’ll walk you through 30 beloved German breeds, even if some have names that suggest otherwise. We will go over the main behavioral and physical traits of these dogs, as well as their place in popular culture and other information.

  1.       Löwchen. Also known as Little Lion Dog, this toy dog has a long and flowing coat that comes in many colors. A favorite subject of painter Albrecht Dürer and other Renaissance artists.
  2.       Boxer. A type of Molosser, Boxer dogs were originally used as searching pet dogs for wild boar and bison. It now ranks eighth among the most popular dog breeds in the United States
  3.       Dachsund. Dashunds are endearing and spirited companions, a great pet for many homes. Andy Warhol depicted his dachshunds, Archie and Amos, in some of his paintings and he often mentioned them in his diaries.
  4.       Doberman Pinscher. This breed makes an excellent guard dog. Dobermans have been featured in countless movies, often as villains.
  5.       Miniature Pinscher. Miniature Pinschers are called the “King of the Toys.” The breed is alert, spirited, and little stubborn, but very smart.
  6.       American Eskimo Dog. This fluffy, sociable, all-white dog breed is neither American nor associated with Eskimos. The German Spitz is its ancestor. One of the American Eskimo Dog’s claims to fame is its being the first dog breed to ever cross the tight rope at a circus.
  7.       German Shepherd. German Shepherd is a breed of a strong, smart, and loyal working dog. Strongheart and Rin-Tin-Tin were the earliest canine film stars.
  8.       Great Dane. The elegant Great Dane is often to as the “king of dogs.” The bumbling Scooby Doo  is a Great Dane.
  9.       Leonberger. Leonberger is a giant dog breed with lion-like looks. Three Leonberger dogs played the main character in the movie The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon.
  10.   Plott Hound. The Plott Hound is perfect for a family with children. They love children and will look out for them.
  11.   Poodle. It’s an intelligent dog! In fact, the poodle is ranked as the second most intelligent dog breed.
  12.   Rottweiler. Rotties were known as “Rottweil butchers’ dogs” because they were used to herd livestock. They are often portrayed as evil dogs in numerous movies, including The Omen.
  13.   Weimaraner. They are usually called “gray ghosts” because of their short, shiny, and silvery-gray coat. Weimaraners look aristocratic!
  14.   German Shorthaired Pointer. GSP is good-natured, athletic, has a sleek coat, and makes a sensible watchdog. You know a German Shorthaired Pointer when you see one.
  15.   German Longhaired Pointer. The GLP is muscular, elegant, and athletic. The color of its coat reflects the markings similar to a GSP.
  16.   Hovawart. The name of this breed means “yard watchman” or “guardian of the farm.” One of the first documented Hovawarts saved a lord’s infant son (who later became an important figure in German law) when a castle was attacked by Slavic invaders in 1210.
  17.   Standard Schnauzer. Despite its general appearance, the Standard Schnauzer is not related to the British terriers. You can see this breed depicted in Rembrandt paintings.
  18.   Giant Schnauzer. A bold and noble figure, this breed is larger than the Standard Schnauzer. Popular American singer and actress Zendaya owned a Giant Schnauzer named Midnight.
  19.   Miniature Schnauzer. The smallest of the three Schnauzer breeds, it is intelligent, loyal, and active. Remix the Dog is popular on Instagram and has been featured in Elle and Glamour Magazines.
  20.   Small Münsterlände. This breed is a natural hunter. The Small Münsterlände is happiest when out in the field, so hunt with this dog if you plan to get one.
  21.   Large Münsterlände. The Large Münsterlände developed from the German Longhaired Pointer. This fairly new breed has a medium-length, silky fur.
  22.   German Spitz. It was once believed that the German Spitz is the oldest breed of dog, living with humans for at least the last 5 millennia. Jenna Dewan Tatum, an American dancer and actress, has a Spitz named Meeka.
  23.   Keeshond. The Keeshond is famous for its foxy face with unique “spectacles.” A Keeshond was the inspiration for the traits of the Volkswagen Beetle in the film “Herbie Fully Loaded”.
  24.   Bernese Mountain Dog. This breed has a smile that delivers infinite joy. The Bernese Mountain Dog matures slowly, so this breed is for you if you don’t want your puppy to grow up.
  25.   Eurasier. The breed was first a Wolfspitz-Chow Chow cross and was first named “Wolf-Chow”, and it became “Eurasier” after crossing with a Samoyed. It is a perfect family pet.
  26.   German Spaniel. The German Spaniel is also called Deutscher Wachtelhund, which translates to “German quail dog.” Lord Augusta (1834) was the progenitor of the breed.
  27.   Jagdterrier. This breed is small but fierce. Very active and alert, Jagdteriers are well-matched with active owners.
  28.   Pudelpointer. The Pudelpointer is a cross between Pudel and English Pointer. The breed is compatible with active families that love to do adventures outdoors.
  29.   Pomeranian. The Pomeranian is a cute, fashionable, toy-sized dog. Long a favorite of royals, Pomeranians became popular when Queen Victoria brought her first Pomeranian, Marco, from her visit in Italy.
  30.   Affenpinscher. The name of this breed translates to “monkey-terrier.” Banana Joe is the first Affenpinscher to win the Best Show at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.


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