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Safest Life Jackets for Corgis

Corgi Life Jackets

Whenever summer arrives the first idea that comes into our mind is getting everything in our wardrobe ready for the amazing summer season, let alone we plan for vacations to one of the favorite places on our bucket list. We often forget to plan for our most lovable family member – the adorable pup.

It is always entertaining and fun to see carefree corgi playing on the beach, in the pool and lake. A lot of dogs certainly enjoy playing in the water but it’s not something which is very normal and not every dog is perfect in that. Many of us want to see our corgi playing all the time with no danger and harm.  But do we ensure corgi’s safety every time? No! Some people who even say, my pet has the fluffy fur why would I need a life jacket for it?

Good question!

Even if your dog is an excellent swimmer you still need a life jacket for it. Research shows that a large number of dogs die each year in swimming pools, rivers, and lakes. This is due to the varying water temperature, and weariness. Families who have been accompanying dogs for decades suggest that you should have high-quality life jackets to keep the dog safe in any unforeseen circumstances. The key thing is to protect your pet when they are in open water.  


How to Pick A Perfect Corgi Life Jacket

Having fun with your corgi on a beach or inside a lake is something you love the most and your corgi enjoys as much as we do.  Prior to letting your pup go into the water make sure you take safety measures. Get your corgi the best life jackets. Today I am going to explain how you can help your corgi stay safe whether it is playing in the ocean, in the lake or in the swimming pool.   

Choosing the perfect corgi life jacket is important for the safety of your doggy but getting the best corgi life jacket is not an easy task. Read on to find how you can pick a perfect corgi life jacket.


If you’re buying a life vest for your pet, always go for the best quality corgi life jacket. A low-quality life vest is comparable to no life jacket and chances are your pet will get into the trouble. Your pet needs a jacket which will help save its life. So a high-quality jacket is a onetime purchase that will certainly serve your pet dog for its whole life. Putting in the time to locate the right one is worth the small amount of initiative.

Choose the life jacket which is made up of sturdy material so that it does not wear out easily. Secondly, it will ensure the safety of your pup in unseen circumstances. In order to ensure comfortability try choosing a life jacket that is made up of 100% cotton and nylon.


The design of the perfect corgi life jacket may vary. You can choose an artistically designed modern art or a plain jacket for your pet. Various life jackets include 3-panel designs with a leash ring and a lift handle. Such life jackets have a secure fit and provide under belly support. Always choose a design that is lightweight and flexible.

Following are the few designs available in the market.

  •         Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat.
  •         Kyjen Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket.
  •         EzyDog Life Jacket.
  •         Henry and Clemmies Dog Life Jacket.
  •         Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket.
  •         Salus Skippy Dog Life Jacket.


The price of the life jackets depends upon the kind of material used to manufacture it. If it is made up of high-quality cotton, which does not wear out quick then the price will be higher. Other factors that determine the price of the life jacket are its longevity and design comfortability. On average the price varies from 20-80$.

How the Corgi Life Jacket Should Fit

In general, the jacket should cover the dog from the base of its neck to the base of its tail. It doesn’t really matter if the life jacket is a little shorter or longer. The jacket should be big enough to cover its shoulders, chest, stomach, and thighs. It should fit in a way that the dog can easily move around and should not be too small which can cause discomfort or irritation. Do not opt for a too small or too large jacket for your dog. If they are too small it will create irritation and if they are too large they will be tangled.

In order to ensure the corgi life jacket is the most comfortable for your pet, make sure choosing the perfect size. If it good fits the pet, it will feel more comfortable. From small to large to extra large, there is a variety of life jackets available in the market. Choose the perfect size to avoid extra costs which you will have to bear otherwise.

How to measure your corgi for the life jacket?

If you already know the size of your dog, that’s great. However, if you are not sure about the size, measure it before you choose the corgi life jacket. This will help you save extra costs and replacing it over again.

Girth circumference: In order to measure the chest circumference, wrap the measuring tape around the rib cage of your dog. Measure the large part which is right behind the front legs.

Neck circumference: A corgi life jacket usually rests around the junction between the body and the neck. Wrap the measuring tape around the neck near the shoulders to measure its circumference.

Back length: Measure the length of the back from the lower end of the neck where it meets shoulder to the point about an inch of the base of the tail.

Weight:  To ensure your dog has the best life jacket to keep it afloat, some manufacturers include weight. Weigh your dog and make sure the vest is according to your dog’s weight.

How to choose the size of life jacket?

Always take some time out to do the accurate measurement of your dog using the following steps.

Step 1: Measure the length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Step 2: Measure the part behind the front legs to know the girth

Step 3: Measure the neck to find the size of the neck

Once you are able to measure all these factors, use the table below to find the perfect size of life jacket for your corgi.

Table 1:


Below are the available sizes of corgi life jackets, you can choose the jacket according to the size of your corgi.

Table 2:


Best Corgi Life Jacket

There is no greater joy than going on a walk on the beach with your best friend. The endless splashes in the water, holes to dig and of course, playing fetch along the sand dunes. When your dog is safe in the water, it is pretty easier to have fun on a sunny beach day.

There are several corgi life jackets available in the markets. In our list today we mentioned best corgi life jackets that you can get for your dog.

Ruffwear Float Coat is the best corgi life vest

The fully-featured Ruffwear Float Coat is the premium life jacket which has thoughtful details. This life jacket has a reflective trim that boosts the visibility within the water. It comes in three colors that stand out i.e. Sockeye Red, Blue Atoll, and Wave Orange. Ruffwear Float Coat has a strong handle which is used to extract your pup out of the water. It is perfect for dogs that love to join their owners in boating, rafting, surfing, and kayaking.

Features of premium corgi life vest include:

  •         Available in all sizes and shapes
  •         Has a strong handle and reflective trim
  •         Secure, buoyant and reflective
  •         Easy to clip and adjustable
  •         Compatible and stable in wet-environments
  •         Secure fasteners
  •         Washable in cold water

Here is a review of a happy customer.

“I got this for my dog who isn’t the most confident swimmer. Not only am I now able to take him kayaking with peace of mind, but he is also much more confident in the water. The handle is great for providing extra support, and worked really well for helping my dog out of the water and back onto the dock.” Owen K.

HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket

This high-quality life jacket is available in a variety of colors and designs. There are a total of 15 different versions of Haocoo dog life jackets available. You can choose some fun-filled silly styles that resemble lobsters, sharks or mermaids. High-quality nylon fabric, polyester, pearl cotton foam, and mesh fabric is used to manufacture it. It has a chest strap and two belly straps that help to attach the life jacket to the dog very comfortably.

A handle is attached to its back to help you grab the dog comfortably. Serious buyers say that the life jackets are made very creatively and they provide a very good value for the money spent.


PetCee Quick Release Life Jacket for Dogs

This cute life jacket for dogs has a pretty nifty feature, having an extra float for the dog’s chin. The extra float allows the dog to keep its head above the water surface when frolicking in the pool or lake. It is a great option for those dogs which have a hard time keeping their head above water.

The material used to manufacture PetCee Quick Release Life Jacket is durable and rugged whilst keeping it very comfy to wear.  It has three straps which keep the dog comfortable. One strap helps you to wrap the chest and other two to wrap around the belly, which allows putting on and taking off the jacket easily on the dog.

It comes in five different color patterns and styles, out of which the one with mermaid tailed, shark fin is the best. This life jacket has reflective trim which allows you to find your pup in low light with ease.

Runner Up Corgi Life Jacket

Kurgo Surf N Turf Life Vest

The corgi life jacket is designed in the way that it comfortably fits your pup and keeps it active in water. It is both a three-season shell in one and a life jacket. You can easily remove the floatation layer of the Kurgo Surf N Turf Life Vest and use it as a raincoat. It has two handles which will help you extract your dog from the water. This life jacket comes in bright colors.

Following are the important features of runnerup life jacket:

  •         One of the top-notch life jackets
  •         Machine washable
  •         Rugged material including nylon and a 100% cotton
  •         Metal rings to leash connections
  •         Can be used as a raincoat or life jacket
  •         Metal rings to help you control your pup
  •         Reflective trim and high contrast


Paws Aboard Double Designer Doggy Life Jacket

People love it due to the adjustable heavy duty Velcro fastening system for the neck and belly of their dog.  It is available in a variety of colors including nautical pattern, blue polka dot, yellow and yellow polka dot.

Paws Aboard Double Designer Doggy Life Jacket is available in three types i.e. Neoprene Doggy Red Life Jacket, Neoprene Doggy Life Jacket, and Double Designer Doggy Life Jacket. There is mainly not a significant difference between life jackets but decision depends upon which one you like the most. Some users claim that the durability and quality of these life jackets are not feasible. Below are the characteristics of the Paws Aboard life jackets.

  •         A single rescue handle that can help you grab your dog easily
  •         Reflective strips
  •         Available in large and extra large sizes
  •         Bright colors
  •         No warranty
  •         Adjustable straps

Hear from loyal customers.

“Absolutely love this life jacket!!! I bought a large life jacket for my American Bulldog. He loves the pool, but is not real good on swimming! He had a blast today chasing his toys in the pool! He was very comfortable wearing it. Would highly recommend if you want little-added protection” – Pam

Premium Corgi Life Vest

Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket  

When it comes to water rafting, boating and surfing, there is no such thing as “too safe.” For those of you who are super afraid to bring your pup to the beach and worry a lot about its safety, Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket is a great option.

It is manufactured in a way that helps your dog to play and paddle without any hindrance. To keep your dog safe the chest straps and buckles are made in a sturdy way. It has dual handles which you can use to grab your dog easily out of the water. Outward Hound dog jacket comes in a variety of sizes and colors ranging from extra-small to extra large which are usually available in orange, pink and clownfish patterned.

Premium features of outward hound dog life jacket include:

  •         Front neck float to help the dog keep its head above the water level
  •         High visibility due to reflective trim
  •         Sturdy material that does not wear off
  •         Water resistant and provides warmth
  •         Higher performance dog floating life jacket
  •         Adjustable straps for a secure and comfortable fit
  •         Available in all sizes

Here is a review from a verified customer.

“We own two of these extra-small yellow one for the cat (13# bengal kitten), and a small orange one for the dog (15# papi-poo). Both fit well and keep each critter afloat. Both of them have had the opportunity to jump out of the kayaks and swim alongside, which has given my husband and me an opportunity to test the rescue handles. Neither of them is hampered in their ability to swim while wearing jackets. They also dry fairly quickly and are easy to clean.-Tanya



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